How to Fiesta with Technology

How to Fiesta with Technology

Fiesta San Antonio is right around the corner! The two week long citywide celebration dates back to the 19th century but an enjoyable, safe Fiesta is amplified with the use of today’s technology! Here are our top tech tips for Fiesta 2019:

  1. Fiesta San Antonio consists of over 100 events jam packed into 11 days. Bookmark Fiesta San Antonio’s Official Event Calendar to create your Fiesta itinerary.
  2. Stay cyber secure with online Fiesta purchases by ensuring the site uses https. Don’t risk your personal data on non-secure sites; fiesta medal packs and the cutest flower crowns are not worth the risk.
  3. Don’t lose your wallet! Utilize mobile wallets when applicable. The most popular are Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung pay.
  4. With an estimated 3.5 million Fiesta attendees, separating from your group is inevitable! Use geolocation services on your phone to find your friends at NIOSA. Turn on apps like “Find My Friends” or drop a pin!
  5. Safely end your night by securing a sober ride home. Check out Uber & Lyft for promotions before you head out!

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We Did That: ESRI/ArcGIS Interactive Mapping Projects

ESRI/ArcGIS Mapping Projects

Our team has worked on several ESRI/ArcGIS mapping projects providing our clients with data driven applications utilizing maps for efficiency, data management, geographic specifications and more. We have taken it a step further by building custom web applications that work hand in hand with our maps to provide additional User Features and capabilities. Solutions also include Administrative management tools for data a reporting capabilities for our clients. These solutions have been built using .NET, C#, SQL and others. Each solution being customized for our clients, organizational goals and target audiences.

The teams have been led by our CIO and Senior Programmer Bill Gonzalez and Carlos Laurel and managed by our Program Manager, Melissa Adame. This team has worked on multiple high level successful federal and commercial projects.

If your organization has a need for an Interactive Map to display locations, geographic data; give us a call. Our skills range from custom Google maps to sophisticated ESRI/ArcGIS solutions.