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Webhead believes in giving back, and in making a difference, we take responsibility for improving the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to using our time and resources to support our people, enrich our communities, and protect our environment. Helping our employees, our communities, and our environment is inherent in our mission to deliver business and technology-based solutions to our customers through our company program Get Involved Program, focused on:

  • Volunteering: Employees volunteer their time to support community organizations.
  • Donating: We make corporate contributions to non-profit charitable organizations.
  • Sharing: Company executives speak to community groups on a variety of workforce and technology topics.
  • Spotlighting: We promotes charitable or community events and web sites.


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Jan 9

Monday, January 09, 2012 2:20 PM  RssIcon

Bikers and pedestrians from all across San Antonio kick off the first day of Síclovía.

What is a Síclovía/Ciclovía?

A Síclovía is a non-competitive event that temporarily turns busy city streets into large recreational areas for people to enjoy. The street can be used for anything from bicycling and jogging to skateboarding and dodge ball. The idea is to get out, get active and enjoy your community.

This car free day is an opportunity for people to enjoy their city in a new way. It gives them opportunity to ride down a major street on a bike with thier family with out the fear of cars.

Along the Síclovía route there are areas called Reclovías. Reclovías are areas reserved for physical activity, exhibitors, performances and activity demonstrations, designed to get people moving. In addition to group exercise classes, Reclovias often include, live music, food vendors and many other healthy events.

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