How to Fiesta with Technology

How to Fiesta with Technology

Fiesta San Antonio is right around the corner! The two week long citywide celebration dates back to the 19th century but an enjoyable, safe Fiesta is amplified with the use of today’s technology! Here are our top tech tips for Fiesta 2019:

  1. Fiesta San Antonio consists of over 100 events jam packed into 11 days. Bookmark Fiesta San Antonio’s Official Event Calendar to create your Fiesta itinerary.
  2. Stay cyber secure with online Fiesta purchases by ensuring the site uses https. Don’t risk your personal data on non-secure sites; fiesta medal packs and the cutest flower crowns are not worth the risk.
  3. Don’t lose your wallet! Utilize mobile wallets when applicable. The most popular are Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung pay.
  4. With an estimated 3.5 million Fiesta attendees, separating from your group is inevitable! Use geolocation services on your phone to find your friends at NIOSA. Turn on apps like “Find My Friends” or drop a pin!
  5. Safely end your night by securing a sober ride home. Check out Uber & Lyft for promotions before you head out!

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Project Management Approaches

Project Management Approaches

Successful projects of any type, involve a variety of moving parts. To stay organized, organizations of nearly every industry implement proven Project Management Approaches for structure and success overall. Webhead is no different, and has utilized these successful approaches for 25 years while also following tech trends and advances.

Let’s take a quick look at two of the most popular approaches used in today’s businesses.


This approach was developed in the 1970s and follows a sequential, linear model where each phase of the project is a building block for the next.

  1. This approach begins with clear expectations and an iron clad scope at inception
  2. Client approval is required at each phase completion to avoid unexpected outcomes
  3. Scope creep is less common as technical requirements are kept top of mind throughout


This approach refers to any process that aligns with the software development manifesto, developed in 2001. Agile follows an iterative process where requirements and expectations are adjusted throughout the project life cycle.

  1. Agile projects can be adaptable to changing needs
  2. Heavy emphasis is placed on constant stakeholder feedback
  3. Clients are able to receive a MVP (Minimum viable product) on the market quickly

Many factors affect which approach is used such as:

Client Preference. Is the customer headstrong on a specific approach for their team?
Project Size. Is the project multi-faceted with many moving sections/departments?
Project Budget. Concrete budgets rarely allow for “wiggle room” and additional work will not be covered.
Time to Market. If a full functioning product is not needed instantly, but a phased approach can be introduced.
Client Availability.  If the client is not available on a consistent basis, relying on constant feedback can prove counterproductive to the project timeline.

It’s also important to remember that variations of approaches is also an approach.  Hybrid approaches can prove beneficial to reach the end goal while accommodating both teams of the project. As with most things, there is not a black and white answer to approaches.  Reviewing the above items allow organizations to determine the best course of action moving forward. Ready to get started? We are always an inquiry away.

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data

The holiday shopping season excites online shoppers and cyber criminals alike. Unsuspecting shoppers see the opportunity to get crazy good deals on gifts while cyber predators prepare phishing scams and malware releases to infiltrate your devices and steal information. With online sales predicted to grow 15% through the end of 2018, let’s refresh our memory on tips to avoid having cyber criminals feast on our personal data!  
  1. Update web-connected devices, security software, web browsers & operating system. Do you close out of update messages with the intention to “Update Later” because it’s always inconvenient? While they can be inconvenient, updates are beneficial. Updates can improve performance, enhance security measures and introduce new functionality. Make a conscious effort to free yourself of technology momentarily to allow your devices to update.
  2. Utilize the strongest authentication tools available for your personal accounts. Most companies offer additional authentication options for extra security. Two factor authentication (aka two step verification) is the most common and most widely offered by banks, social media channels and email services.
  3. Steer clear of emails, texts and social posts from unknown senders or which include strange links. Cyber predators take advantage of your busy lives and increase phishing emails, mass texts and social posts to attempt to infect your devices to steal information.
  4. Use PayPal or a similar trusted payment gateway solutions when applicable. Using payment solutions, such as PayPal, provide a more secure way to send payment online. Through these methods, the recipient won’t receive sensitive details such as bank account number or credit card details.
Don’t let the tryptophan go to your head this season. Share these tips with your friends and family over the dinner table to ensure a more enjoyable time for all!