Tech Tips For Thanksgiving

At this point you are preparing for Thanksgiving. How can tech make preparation easier for you? Let’s count the ways!

  • Know where you are going, get there safely and don’t be late! Use apps such as Google Maps, Hooper, GeoDir, Waze, NOAA – to plan your commute and get you there on time!
  • Prep the BEST meal and WOW your guests!  Here are some great recipe apps that offer vegan, gluten free, and leftover recipes! Try using BIGOVEN, Food, Yummly, SideChef, and Pepperplate!
  • Go Digital! With gadgets such as digital thermometers and even the electric carving knife will make your cooking experience much easier. Other apps to include are Tenergy, Neeqi, NutriChef, and Aidmax.
  • Show Me Your Playlist!  Add to the ambience by creating a playlist that your guests will be grateful for! Apps to utilize for this are Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music, Tidal and Pandora.
  • Reach out and Video Chat –  Friends and loved ones who may be displaced for the holiday will really appreciate this in making them feel apart of the festivities. Use apps and features like FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, and Glide.
  • Black Friday – Get Your Shopping On! Find the best deals with apps such as ShopSavvy, Shopular, Flipp, Price Cruncher, The Coupons App.

While we are all grateful for our phones- Our last tech tip is to make sure to be present and monitor your screen time. Be present, connect with your family, and make memories!

We hope you enjoyed these tech tips!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Webhead team!

We Did That: ESRI/ArcGIS Interactive Mapping Projects

ESRI/ArcGIS Mapping Projects

Our team has worked on several ESRI/ArcGIS mapping projects providing our clients with data driven applications utilizing maps for efficiency, data management, geographic specifications and more. We have taken it a step further by building custom web applications that work hand in hand with our maps to provide additional User Features and capabilities. Solutions also include Administrative management tools for data a reporting capabilities for our clients. These solutions have been built using .NET, C#, SQL and others. Each solution being customized for our clients, organizational goals and target audiences.

The teams have been led by our CIO and Senior Programmer Bill Gonzalez and Carlos Laurel and managed by our Program Manager, Melissa Adame. This team has worked on multiple high level successful federal and commercial projects.

If your organization has a need for an Interactive Map to display locations, geographic data; give us a call. Our skills range from custom Google maps to sophisticated ESRI/ArcGIS solutions.

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements

  1. Establish the Objective/Goals (Current and Long Term)
  2. Know Who Your Stakeholders Are
  3. Know Who the Target Audience Is
  4. Define Your Scope & Requirements
  5. Research Any Current Workflows/Technologies
  6. Identify the New Features
  7. Identify Content/Data Resources
  8. Identify Any Other Data/Technology Sources That Contribute or Are Affected
  9. Define and Identify Network Support for Your Solution
  10. Define Security and Other Compliance and Requirements
  11. Identify the Functional Components – Create Workflows for Processes, Data/Content Management
  12. Utilize Application Diagrams and Wireframes
  13. Develop A Testing, Training and Implementation Plan
  14. Establish Communication Process and Software
  15. Always Consider Ongoing Maintenance Post Launch In Your Budget

This is a quick list of items, but the good news is that Webhead ready and willing to assist. Call us for your technical needs. We are always an inquiry away.

2019 Essential Technical Evaluations

2019 Essential Technical Evaluations

Review your goals, target audiences, messaging, social media, SEO, website, email marketing campaigns Auditing Your Online Presence is Essential in order to support your Goals. As 2019 is here, it is an ideal time to revisit your technical solutions (Website, Data Applications, IT/Network, Hosting) and Strategies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Digital, etc.) to ensure they still align with your Goals. The good news is that Webhead can offer assistance in evaluating all of your tools and strategies. Here is a quick list that we recommend you look at:
  1. Goals – Evaluate which goals you met in 2018. What worked/what didn’t? How should those goals be changed for your 2019? How should your strategies be tweaked to support your Business and Marketing Goals?
  2. Target Audience – Reevaluate if your Clients have changed and research what their needs are. Dig deeper and identify the best way to reach them via technical solutions and social media platforms. Your strategies should be a result of this research.
  3. Website – It is good practice to review your website traffic and analytics routinely every month- but at the end of the year – do a deep dive to analyze your audience behavior. Your analytics will tell you what content to focus on and what you should modify, add and edit. The numbers will assist you to tailor your content in order to be more effective and convert views to sales.
  4. Security/IT – Review your current security, hosting, domains and overall network. Look for security vulnerabilities and how these should be addressed. These assessments should go further and look at your online tools (website, blogs, social media) to ensure you have the proper security checks and authentication best practices in place.
  5. Social Media – As you review the analytics for your website, also take a look at your social media strategies. Each platform typically offers their own set of analytics, but you should evaluate if your Social Media goals are still relevant. Tweak your strategy accordingly. The algorithms for most all of the relevant Social Media Platforms have changed, so be sure to be aware of how they work and how that can affect your posts, engagement and results. You should also ensure that your strategy for Social Media includes scheduling time to regularly engage with your audience addressing comments, inquires and comments. You should also ensure you are consistently posting content that is in sync with your messaging and organizational goals.
  6. Search Engine Optimization –  Just like Social Media, there are plenty of changes to SEO. You want to be sure you aware of the changes and how they affects your results and budget. Presently, most strategies require you to pay to play, but there are still some organic tactics you can implement to be sure you are maximizing your efforts.
  7. WCAG Compliance – It is becoming increasingly important to ensure your tech tools are WCAG compliant. You want to be sure that you are considering all audiences when you are publishing content onto a website, online application system or Social Media.
This is just a quick list of items, but the good news is that Webhead can help you with any or all of these assessments. If you would like to discuss or need additional information; please feel free to reach out us. Thank you and Happy 2019! We hope you have a wonderful and productive year! Call us for your technical needs. We are always an inquiry away.