Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data

Man with credit card in his hand

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data

The holiday shopping season excites online shoppers and cyber criminals alike. Unsuspecting shoppers see the opportunity to get crazy good deals on gifts while cyber predators prepare phishing scams and malware releases to infiltrate your devices and steal information.

With online sales predicted to grow 15% through the end of 2018, let’s refresh our memory on tips to avoid having cyber criminals feast on our personal data!

  1. Update web-connected devices, security software, web browsers & operating system. Do you close out of update messages with the intention to “Update Later” because it’s always inconvenient? While they can be inconvenient, updates are beneficial. Updates can improve performance, enhance security measures and introduce new functionality. Make a conscious effort to free yourself of technology momentarily to allow your devices to update.
  2. Utilize the strongest authentication tools available for your personal accounts. Most companies offer additional authentication options for extra security. Two factor authentication (aka two step verification) is the most common and most widely offered by banks, social media channels and email services.
  3. Steer clear of emails, texts and social posts from unknown senders or which include strange links. Cyber predators take advantage of your busy lives and increase phishing emails, mass texts and social posts to attempt to infect your devices to steal information.
  4. Use PayPal or a similar trusted payment gateway solutions when applicable. Using payment solutions, such as PayPal, provide a more secure way to send payment online. Through these methods, the recipient won’t receive sensitive details such as bank account number or credit card details.

Don’t let the tryptophan go to your head this season. Share these tips with your friends and family over the dinner table to ensure a more enjoyable time for all! Have a tip that wasn’t included? Share it below!