Project Manager

San Antonio, TX

The position has an externally facing role, in support of the program manager, managing clients relationships and in the community with a heavy emphasis on internal team management and development, and supporting established standards of performance across all programs:

  • Maintain visibility into task performance and accomplishments
  • knowledge of Air Force management practices and program implementation.


  • Cultivate existing relationships with employees, clients, vendors, partners with the goal of ensuring sufficient resources, access to services/solutions and best value pricing.
  • Support and assist the Program manager develop and implement strategies that will maximize the synergies among programs.

Team Management and Development

  • Support and help develop objective key performance measurements across all sites, to ensure consistent, high-quality evaluation and goal setting for all employees
  • Support the Program Manager by helping to instill a sense of accountability among team members by modeling tight oversight of individual and organization performance standards
  • successful management of project tasks and coordination of employees in various labor categories and with various skills in projects of similar size and scope

Program Operational Management

Use the company goals, objectives, business unit budget, and program dashboard, establish consistent and objective program performance standards of accountability

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