Cabling Technician

Goodfellow AFB, TX

Install, ground and bond racks and cable trays, install/test new cable infrastructure, move/relocate/test network equipment and servers, and remove old racks and cabling IAW TEMPEST guidance, government and industry standards and best practices.

Install, test, certify and document all structured communications cabling, patch panels, installed racks/cabinets and installed cable ladder/tray.

Remove and dispose of old racks, cabling and cable ladder not slated for reutilization.

All telecommunications cabinets and supporting structures (cable trays, ladders, conduits and baskets) throughout the project shall be bonded to the data center signal ground ring or bus bar as defined in TIA/EIA-569-D (TGB or TMGB as defined in J-STD-607-A). Additional information on grounding can be found in MIL-STD-188-124B and MIL-HNBK-419-A. 5

Conform to the safety requirements contained in the contract for all activities related to the accomplishment of the work.

Racks (CPI F/N-Series TERAFRAME GEN 3 or equivalent) shall be 45U, have 2 pairs of 19” adjustable rails, be 48” deep (including doors) and no taller than 85”. Racks will be of three widths 28” (servers ~117 ea.), 32” (network switches ~17 ea.) and 24” (~4 ea.). All racks shall include side panels, front air dams, brush sealed cable entrance ports, blanking panels, keyed locks, leveling feet and casters, include PDU and equipment mounting hardware and perforated doors. All racks shall be EIA-310-E compliant and UL listed.

Rack PDUs (CPI L6-1P0A1 or equivalent) shall be/have 30Amp, ~8.6kW, L21-30P, 24 ea. C13 outlets, and have 3 ea. UL 489 listed two-pole breakers. All PDUs shall be “smart” and have the ability to be networked (RJ-45) and monitor/control power, (alarms, power cycle, off/on, programmable power on) down to the individual outlets. PDU shall have the ability to provide integrated environmental warnings for temperature and humidity and to be integrated into the OOB management system.

Cold isle doors and partitions shall be installed to even out rows and contain the cold air. Doors shall have a minimum 42” door opening.

Install, terminate and test new color coded trunk fiber cables and patch panels (~51 cables, majority 48 strand) (~38,000 cable ft., ~200-1100ft runs)

Ensure all installed equipment, racks, patch panels and cabling are labeled and documented IAW numbering, color coding and labeling schema determined during the engineering phase.

Interface existing cable trays and three ceiling penetrations with cable trays (4”x12” and 4”x24” wire basket) installed by construction contractors as determined in engineering phase. Install all components of the tray system (tray, supports, splices, fasteners, supports, and accessories) with the same salient characteristics as the ones used from the construction contractor (4”x12” and 4”x24” wire basket). Cable trays and runways shall be installed IAW all requirements and industry best practices. All cables shall be supported throughout the run of the cable. J-hooks and other similar cable support hardware shall be installed where required. Cable trays and runways shall be marked IAW numbering/labeling schema determined in the engineering phase. Remove all existing cable tray not being utilized under the new design.

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