Registrar Assistant

San Antonio, TX

*JOB DESCRIPTION – Contingent Upon Contract Award

Provide comprehensive support to the Registrar Section of METC Training Programs IAW Air Force, Army, and Navy training requirements. The Registrar Assistants shall interface directly with a variety of METC program faculty, staff and Academic Affairs staff. The Registrar Section ensures comprehensive student records management for forty-eight (48) enlisted medical training programs.


· Provide comprehensive administrative support and perform a variety of administrative support duties, making complete arrangements for conferences, composing complex but non-technical correspondence, locating and assembling information for various reports, briefings, conferences, etc.

· Arrange meetings and conferences for staff as required.

· Exercise expertise in planning and implementing the following program elements of records management: directives; publications; files equipment, etc.; safeguarding For Official Use Only information; maintenance, use, and disposition of records; and Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.

· Maintain subject matter files and records that relate to the work of the section. Set up and maintain logs showing the status of actions and correspondence.

· Ensure that files include all required documents and that all documents are properly signed.

· Organize and maintain files and records, manuals, handbooks and other related material required for efficient operations of the section.

· Design and organize digital and paper filing systems, planning and arranging the maintenance and preparation of information needed for various reports, and organizing the flow of clerical processes in the office.

· Administer information sharing via SharePoint for section and campus wide utilization. Draft appointment letters, certificates of service, correspondence, charts, spreadsheets and other documents.

· Type reports, briefs, opinions, correspondence and various other materials from rough draft, verbal instructions, or printed matter, requiring knowledge of procedures to clarify proper format.

· Prepare briefings concerning the admissions, programs, policies, procedures and records pertaining to the administration of students and graduates as required.

· Produce replies to general inquiries not requiring technical program knowledge which may involve determining whether or not to release the information based upon the nature or degree of sensitivity of the information and the requester’s authority to receive the information.

· Identify and mark items considered being of importance to facilitate review by the Registrar and attach references and any background material required.

· Keep a suspense log and assure that all personnel are aware of section milestones and suspense dates and establish suspense controls and follow up for the supervisor to ensure suspense dates are met.

· Personally staff routine correspondence to ensure timely turnaround, reviewing correspondence which the incumbent is knowledgeable for content accuracy.

· Review and monitor outgoing correspondence prepared for superior signature for correct format, grammar, completeness, and other correspondence regulations

· Utilize computer resources and other organizational data to compile, analyze and distribute data in support of the section.

· Support section operations improvement using established methods, practices, and criteria to identify, study, and recommend solutions for resolving conventional problems or questions. Basic knowledge of arithmetic to verify data, make computations and compile findings for further statistical analysis.

· Support student record management and assist in maintaining enrollment status for students at the METC.

· Enter student disposition information in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) for students and review data for accuracy. Enter data into and compile data from ATRRS.

· Assist in the preparation of student academic transcripts for all current and former graduates.

· Research student academic data in ATRRS, local databases, and student card files or class folders for each student transcript request and help resolves all discrepancies and problems related to processing student enrollment changes, including for government investigations.

· Resolve transcript questions and problems in coordination with METC policies and procedures.

· Enter student disposition information in the ATRRS systems for students and review data for accuracy.

· Review student demographic information in ATRRS. Maintain accuracy and currency enrollment data, by entering all information related to student enrollment changes into the ATRRS database.

· Maintain knowledge of the training requirements computer database system, ATRRS, for each service branch to validate proper placement of enrollment changes and application of coding procedures.

· Ensure student enrollment actions are processed per METC guidelines and that METC students are provided with academic transcripts per Department of Defense (DOD) guidelines when requested.

Minimum Requirements

· Knowledge of correct correspondence requirements to check for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation and to review documents for conformance with formats and procedural requirements.

· Basic SharePoint knowledge

Desired Requirements

· Bachelor’s Degree

· Experience with METC platforms

· Basics experience with ATRRS

Must have at minimum an ACTIVE SECRET CLEARANCE

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