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3 Simple Ways To Avoid Common UX Mistakes

3 Simple Ways To Avoid Common UX Mistakes

August 2, 2017

User Experience

In just a few seconds, your customers will consciously decide whether your website is worth the time.

Go outside for a walk, unless you live somewhere entirely rural, you can guarantee you’ll see somebody, head-down, struggling to walk-n-scroll past you.

Frequently, what separates an end-user from abruptly ghosting your webpage to comfortably staying for a precious five minutes is your consumer’s user experience (UX). Leaving out an effective UX for your consumers can unfortunately leave you wading in a supply pool barren of demand.
Fortunately, by keeping track of your possible UX mistakes your business and your digital products will meet your end-users’ impressions more favorably, and thereby stay on your page longer.

Here are 3 simple ways to avoid common UX mistakes you can apply to your page immediately:

  • Provide colors that optimize readability, without sacrificing creativity.
  • Use efficient wire-frames for home and sub-pages. Whether on paper or electronic format this can also help you build your site map.
  • Implement navigation that makes sense throughout the entire site.

Compromising your search rank and losing traffic is surely not worth the fancy scrolling effect. Collaborate with your team and make informed decisions about tailoring your UX for your end-user.

Ultimately, your end goal is to have your end-users regard your site as intuitive, concise, and easy to follow. Doing so, places you above the competition.

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