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Broken Links Lead to Broken Results

Broken Links Lead to Broken Results

March 30, 2017

Identifying broken links on your website should be essential part of your ongoing maintenance. It impacts the overall integrity of your website and can have a direct impact and lasting impression on your audience.

Broken Links can…

Affect your SEO rankings. Search Engines rank websites by crawling their links. When a crawler hits a broken/dead link; it can cause the crawler to stop and prevent your website from being indexed. Search Engines such as Google frown upon broken links. By far, Google is the top rated browser making it vital to ensure that all broken/dead links are addressed.

Take away from your credibility as an Authority. Your audience considers you a trusted resource. When you have broken links or outdated content on your website, it can give the impression that you are not “up to date” on the latest news, resources or that you do not value your audience enough to ensure that your content is timely and accurate.

Cause a bad experience for your Users. The most obvious effect of broken links is that they potentially create a sense of frustration for your users when they are seeking specific information. You want to be sure that your website is known as a reliable resource and a one stop shop for all related content and topics.

Show that your website isn’t constantly being monitored or updated. Ensuring that your website has working links, in addition to consistent updated content, implies that as an organization you respect and see your website as a communication tool for your audience. This will result in consistent traffic. Broken links create the opposite impression and will deter users from visiting.

The importance is real. Schedule regular assessments and quality assurance tests for your website and clean up those links. It’s too easy to link to a third party and never go back to test to see if any of those external pages have changed. Easy maintenance and checkups can go a long way.

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Melissa Adame

Melissa Adame is the Web Applications/IT Program Manager for Webhead. If you have questions or comments for the author, please contact Inquiries@webheadtech.com

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