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Case Study: CPS Energy

Case Study: CPS Energy

January 9, 2018

Technology solutions such as digital tools, platforms, and online business models are not mere investments but also opportunities that can provide competitive advantages and financial gains. A company’s competitive advantage is not solely predicated by the acquisition of leading technology but also, and more importantly, by the ability to implement it to its fullest potential. We had an opportunity to help one of our clients, CPS Energy, make the most of their technology investments through technical documentation and tailored training.

We were able to assist CPS Energy’s IT team with these services by integrating ourselves into their day to day work in order to capture some of the finer details of both the technologies they utilize and the way the work. The combination of onsite observations and our technical background helped us assess their technical documentation and training needs.

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Here are our five keys to delivering detailed technical documentation and actionable training:

  1. Embedded technical staff
  2. Onsite observations
  3. Technology analysis
  4. Needs assessment
  5. User interviews

What we provided CPS Energy was more than technical documents and slide presentations. We provided resources to assist them in establishing deeply seeded best practices, logical continuity plans, and community-based adoption.

We are happy to have assisted CPS Energy with key areas of their operations to help them execute their change management plan. Our technical documentation, tailored training, and custom workflow definitions were delivered as online training to their area managers and continue to be available as digital resources for the organization.

Hector Carrillo

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