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Hawthorne Security Checklist: Tech Stars & Positive Vibes

Hawthorne Security Checklist: Tech Stars & Positive Vibes

July 9, 2018

Our Web IT Program team was excited to spend a few hours with Hawthorne Middle School and it’s students March 8th. We were happily surprised that the students had a good amount of questions regarding Cyber Security and best practices. This means that our younger end Users are aware of the daunting vulnerabilities of hackers and online viruses; however, they knew the right questions to ask. We were glad to share our knowledge of best practices that are standard and some more that are more sophisticated.

A good checklist consists of:

  • Updating your Passwords Regularly
  • Tracking your Online Footprint
  • Utilizing a Secure Tools Such as KeePass to store vital credentials
  • Updating Software Regularly
  • Utilizing Secure Certificates
  • Installing Virus Protection Software
  • Not clicking on unknown files and/or links sent via email, online chat tools, Facebook messenger, etc.
  • Installing Secure Certificates

We provided other best practices and online resources that we would be happy to share with you. Please inquire for the full list.

The team also emphasized the many opportunities that Tech offers students with many roles to choose from. Including UX/Graphic Designers, Programmers, Quality Assurance Experts, Data Application Developers, Mobile Application Programmers, etc. The point being that tech offers a wide array of job paths and that the industry as a whole is making great strides in diversifying its workforce. Tech truly is for everyone.

We provided recommendations to pay attention to Math, Reading, Science and Art because all of these provide basic skills that are applied in any role in Tech. We use Math for coding, English for documentation, proposals, Science for applying theories, coding and developing processes, Computer Skills and English for communication with your peers, clients, teams, managers and end users.

Lastly, we left the students with the following idea and asked them to take a pledge:

It is important to …..

  • Be respectful when using tech
  • Know that it is true that what you publish on Social Media it is a footprint that can follow you.

We ask that you take a vow to be kind when using technology and use it to make the world a more positive place.

At Webhead we enjoy speaking to Students and offering internships to help students understand the depth of opportunities that Technology offers, but more importantly, reminding them of the power and impact Technology. It is important that we are all up to date on security best practices and that we use Technology to make positive impacts for our businesses and communities.

If you would like more information on any of these topics or would like to discuss how our team can assist in speaking to students in your community or please feel free to reach out to us.

Melissa Adame

Melissa Adame is the Web Applications/IT Program Manager for Webhead. If you have questions or comments for the author, please contact Inquiries@webheadtech.com

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