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SXSW Takeaway: Developing Our Techies of Tomorrow

March 17, 2017

I attended a SXSW Interactive session (3/13/2017) Creativity and Coding: Inspiring Future Innovators featuring Christina Miller, President and General Manager for Turner’s Cartoon Network, Adult Swim & Boomerang, Saxs Persson, founder of video game company Mojang that birthed Minecraft, and Mitchel Resnik, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab.

The session focused on coding as a means to unlock innovative thinking and creativity in our youth, aka, future innovators. So how does Cartoon Network, MIT and Minecraft all find common ground?

  1. The MIT Media Lab developed Scratch, a free educational programming language specifically developed for children age 8 to 16. Scratch provide tools and tutorials allowing children to create interactive games, stories and animations and collaborate with others to enhance current projects.
  2. In January 2016 Cartoon Network birthed their STEM initiative following President Obama’s announcement of Computer Science For All.
  3. Cartoon Network then collaborated with the Scratch Team to provide Scratchers with activities centered around characters from shows like
    Cartoon Network Partnership with Scratch

    Cartoon Network

    We Share Bears. This empowered kids who otherwise may not have gained exposure to computers and programming, a chance to bring their favorite characters to life.

  4. Minecraft also has a large youth following and saw an opportunity to bring Minecraft into the classroom while staying true to the Minecraft brand. In late 2016 developed an Education Edition allowing teachers to incorporate tech learning through a variety of subjects.

Programs such as Scratch or Minecraft introduce forms of technology while also bringing forth collaborative efforts and inclusiveness that may otherwise go unseen by millions of children.

Here at Webhead we also believe in this methodology of empowering our future and contribute through our partnership with St. Gerard’s Catholic High School. This partnership provides high school seniors with the opportunity to learn about the Web Development process by developing a website geared to their interests’. Our intern Austin is a musician that’s currently connecting the dots between music and technology using an online software to compose music for his website. Stay tuned for the debut, May 2017!

For more information about our internship program and other ways Webhead gives back, contact us today!

Ashley Esparza

Ashley Esparza is a Project Coordinator for Web and IT Programs at Webhead. If you have questions or comments for the author, please contact Inquiries@webheadtech.com.

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