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Webhead CEO: Stay on Top of Technology Trends

Webhead CEO: Stay on Top of Technology Trends

April 26, 2017

With the technology industry seemingly moving a million miles a minute, it’s important to monitor the ever changing tech trends. Stay ahead of the tech trend train by monitoring resources such as Bloomberg Technology, just like our Webhead CEO Janie Gonzalez.  Our CEO starts each morning by browsing the latest trends and ensuring she has a knowledgeable understanding of the latest buzz in the tech world.

Don’t procrastinate and subscribe to the Technology News our CEO reads daily to stay on top of global and national tech news.

Subscribe to Bloomberg Technology.

Ashley Esparza

Ashley Esparza is a Project Coordinator for Web and IT Programs at Webhead. If you have questions or comments for the author, please contact Inquiries@webheadtech.com.

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