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Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Had a “Bash” at the 23rd Annual Basura Bash

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Had a “Bash” at the 23rd Annual Basura Bash

February 20, 2017
Webhead Geeks in Sneaks at 23rd annual Basura Bash

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Harriet, Melissa, Deborah, Bill, Anakin, Angela

This weekend the Geeks in Sneaks team, including myself, took to Rodriguez County Park for some fun, exercise, and selfless service. The annual Basura Bash, hosted at Rodriguez Park, is a new addition to our team’s events of community service. Webhead’s team of twelve geeks had themselves a “bash” cleaning up the trash left over from this weekend’s stormy weather. Our team was accompanied by St. Mary’s students and a large group of Sea World employees. Together we cleaned the park and Leon Creek, which runs through it, leaving it nice and clean for future park-goers. I myself, had fun cleaning with my fellow friends, family, and co-workers. Together we shared many memories that will stick with us forever.

This is my second time attending the Basura Bash and it was just as amazing the second time around. A cool thing about this event is the plethora of items that somehow find their way down to this park. This time around my fellow Geeks and I found a couple very interesting things: vintage food products, car pieces, and even parts of a full shopping cart. But out of the all the peculiar items that washed down to the park. The most interesting one was not an item of trash or garbage, but an animal. Yes, an animal. One of my fellow Geeks found a live craw-fish in the creek. The little red craw daddy was chilling, minding his own business. This was the first time I have seen an actual crawfish outside of a Joe’s Crab Shack; nevertheless, a live one at that. And let me tell you it was one of the coolest experiences ever. As a fairly experienced trash picker upper I can attest that finding a creature among the garbage and inanimate objects is very cool. It’s easy to spot the still trash, but darn near impossible to spot the moving life hidden among. I’ve seen plenty of bottles, bags, and garbage; they are abundant as anything; moreover, this crawfish put many things into perspective for me. This is a park, a place for fun and memories, but unlike the crawfish we don’t live at the park. Out of site and out of mind for us. The crawfish, along with many other creatures that live in the creek and surrounding wilderness, has their home ruined. This is why it is important for others to help clean up this park, not only for us humans, but for the creatures who call it home. Seeing this pollution first hand puts waste management into perspective.

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks at the 23rd Annual Basura Bash

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Carlos with Mateo and Zachary

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks at the 23rd Annual Basura Bash

Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Tahara with wife Andrea

Though the park has volunteers to help clean up the trash it is better for us to stop it at the source. Thankfully we were given informative packets, detailing various ways to recycle properly. San Antonio is a great city and like most cities, water is a large priority. And if it is not water, then the whole integrity of our city is important. We as citizens should take initiative to keeping our city clean. Not only for fellow residence, but for our future friends, family, and children. Even if you cannot make it out to next year’s Basura Bash, which I highly advise, you can most definitely make a difference by helping our city stay clean. And whether it be by recycling properly or picking up a piece of trash on the sidewalk, anything helps. And next time you think about throwing trash on the ground or improperly removing your trash, think about the little crawfish and his little crawfish family who live in the creek. Because it’s not about helping yourself, but helping others. If all of us here in San Antonio thought more about each other and not our self, this city could greatly benefit.

Lastly, I would like to thank the workers of Rodriguez Park, our Geeks in Sneak, and the San Antonio River Authority for their help. The Basura Bash is an amazing event that I advise everyone to go to once in their life here in San Antonio. The memories made and feelings gained will last a lifetime. Remember San Antonio is our city and it’s up to us to make a difference. So come out next year to Basura Bash and have yourself a “Bash.”

Anakin Gonzalez

Anakin Gonzalez is an intern spearheading the Webhead Geeks in Sneaks Community Program. If you have questions for the author, please contact Inquiries@webheadtech.com.

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