How to Fiesta with Technology

How to Fiesta with Technology Fiesta San Antonio is right around the corner! The two week long citywide celebration dates back to the 19th century but an enjoyable, safe Fiesta is amplified with the use of today’s technology! Here are our top tech tips for Fiesta 2019: Fiesta San Antonio consists of over 100 events jam packed into 11 days. Bookmark Fiesta San Antonio’s Official Event Calendar to create your Fiesta itinerary. Stay cyber secureRead More

We Did That: ESRI/ArcGIS Interactive Mapping Projects

ESRI/ArcGIS Mapping Projects Our team has worked on several ESRI/ArcGIS mapping projects providing our clients with data driven applications utilizing maps for efficiency, data management, geographic specifications and more. We have taken it a step further by building custom web applications that work hand in hand with our maps to provide additional User Features and capabilities. Solutions also include Administrative management tools for data a reporting capabilities for our clients. These solutions have been builtRead More

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements Establish the Objective/Goals (Current and Long Term) Know Who Your Stakeholders Are Know Who the Target Audience Is Define Your Scope & Requirements Research Any Current Workflows/Technologies Identify the New Features Identify Content/Data Resources Identify Any Other Data/Technology Sources That Contribute or Are Affected Define and Identify Network Support for Your Solution Define Security and Other Compliance and Requirements Identify the Functional Components – Create Workflows forRead More

Project Management Approaches

Puzzle pieces on a desk

Project Management Approaches Successful projects of any type, involve a variety of moving parts. To stay organized, organizations of nearly every industry implement proven Project Management Approaches for structure and success overall. Webhead is no different, and has utilized these successful approaches for 25 years while also following tech trends and advances. Let’s take a quick look at two of the most popular approaches used in today’s businesses. WATERFALL This approach was developed in theRead More

2019 Essential Technical Evaluations

2019 Essential Technical Evaluations Review your goals, target audiences, messaging, social media, SEO, website, email marketing campaigns Auditing Your Online Presence is Essential in order to support your Goals. As 2019 is here, it is an ideal time to revisit your technical solutions (Website, Data Applications, IT/Network, Hosting) and Strategies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Digital, etc.) to ensure they still align with your Goals. The good news is that Webhead can offer assistance in evaluatingRead More

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data

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Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Feast on Your Data The holiday shopping season excites online shoppers and cyber criminals alike. Unsuspecting shoppers see the opportunity to get crazy good deals on gifts while cyber predators prepare phishing scams and malware releases to infiltrate your devices and steal information. With online sales predicted to grow 15% through the end of 2018, let’s refresh our memory on tips to avoid having cyber criminals feast on our personal data!Read More

Indicators of Phishing/Whaling Attempts

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Indicators of Phishing/Whaling Attempts Some of you may already be familiar with the information I am about to share so this will serve as a refresh if you consider yourself savvy in these matters. I want to send out a screenshot of a phishing email received by our CEO to inform you of some key indicators of phishing attempts when reading your email messages. The screenshot in this article is a snapshot of a typicalRead More