Energy is Fundamental for a Strong Community

Janie Gonzalez CPS

“Energy is fundamental for a strong Community.” The latest article from Webhead CEO and CPS Energy Board Trustee, Janie Martinez Gonzalez. Read more on insights on building a modern and sustainable energy future for San Antonio from the San Antonio Report. Energy is fundamental for a strong community ( (PDF)

New Security Updates

The National Security Clearance process has been changing over the past year or so and below you’ll find a summary of key concepts and processes.  National Security Eligibility vs National Security Sensitive Positions: Possessing National Security Eligibility means you’ve been determined to be able and willing to safeguard classified national security information (either at the Confidential / Secret or Top Secret level)Being in a National Security Sensitive position means that while you do not requireRead More

Non-profits & Websites Go Hand In Hand

Non-profits & Websites Go Hand In Hand You can get creative & strategic in building a website that helps your organization reach its goals. There are a few key elements that work well for non-profit sites that if implemented correctly & strategically, can be cost effective & produce results. Here is a quick list brought to you by Program Manager & Digital Strategist, Melissa:⠀ Creative & Engaging Branding ⠀Strong UXSign Up for News AlertsIntuitive CalendarRead More