Non-profits & Websites Go Hand In Hand

Non-profits & Websites Go Hand In Hand You can get creative & strategic in building a website that helps your organization reach its goals. There are a few key elements that work well for non-profit sites that if implemented correctly & strategically, can be cost effective & produce results. Here is a quick list brought to you by Program Manager & Digital Strategist, Melissa:⠀ Creative & Engaging Branding ⠀Strong UXSign Up for News AlertsIntuitive CalendarRead More

New Year Security Tips

New Year Security Tips: Protect Yourself From Insider Threats As we start the new year, be reminded that security is your responsibility no matter what role you serve. Whether you’re an employee supporting DoD contracts, or a vendor in the private sector, or simply a loved one promoting a cause or sharing family events, anyone and everyone can become a vector for threat actors. Information is currency, and it doesn’t have to be classified toRead More

To Update Or Not To Update…

To Update Or Not To Update… Updating your Content Management System and it’s widgets (modules) is important. However, with so many roll outs, should you update every time? Here are some quick things to consider directly from our Senior Tech Lead Carlos. When it comes to updating widgets you don’t want to automatically hit the “update” button. Consider the following: Check compatibility with host operating system.For example, if the version of PHP is not up-to-date,Read More

5 Reasons To Get A New Website

5 Reasons To Get a New Website Need to boost your online marketing? Getting a new website will do just that. Get ready to increase your revenue by using business intelligence and advertising techniques for the following reasons: 1. Convert Internet Searches to Customers Ever notice how often you and the people you know use mobile technology to look up information about products and services? Well, a new website will make the same technology workRead More

Tech Tips For Thanksgiving

At this point you are preparing for Thanksgiving. How can tech make preparation easier for you? Let’s count the ways! Know where you are going, get there safely and don’t be late! Use apps such as Google Maps, Hooper, GeoDir, Waze, NOAA – to plan your commute and get you there on time! Prep the BEST meal and WOW your guests!  Here are some great recipe apps that offer vegan, gluten free, and leftover recipes!Read More

Meet Our Veterans

happy verterans day banner

Meet Our Veterans: (Officers & Enlisted Personnel) Don Hoening, Colonel, Air Force, Served 25 years;Andrea Hlosek, Lt Col (ret), USAF, Served as an Intelligence Officer; Angelo Armando, Lieutenant Colonel, Army; Gary Schmaltz, Master Sergeant (E-7), Air Force, Retired Nov 1998; Tim Smith, Sergeant First Class (SFC), Army, Served 1987-2009, Retired May 2009; Amanda Fernandez, Sergeant (E-5), Army; Terry Gaiter, IN PROCESS, Marines; Domonick Jones, IN PROCESS, Navy; Walter Rodriguez, IN PROCESS, Navy

Webhead Corporation Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Webhead Corporation Celebrates 25th Anniversary Webhead – Digital Web and IT Security Commemorates 25 Years in San Antonio SAN ANTONIO – Twenty-five years ago just a few years after the World Wide Web was first introduced to the public, the boom was just taking off, and no one had ever heard of Google, Webhead was born in San Antonio. “In 1994, we were one of the original IT start-ups in the country,” said JanieRead More

How to Fiesta with Technology

How to Fiesta with Technology Fiesta San Antonio is right around the corner! The two week long citywide celebration dates back to the 19th century but an enjoyable, safe Fiesta is amplified with the use of today’s technology! Here are our top tech tips for Fiesta 2019: Fiesta San Antonio consists of over 100 events jam packed into 11 days. Bookmark Fiesta San Antonio’s Official Event Calendar to create your Fiesta itinerary. Stay cyber secureRead More

We Did That: ESRI/ArcGIS Interactive Mapping Projects

ESRI/ArcGIS Mapping Projects Our team has worked on several ESRI/ArcGIS mapping projects providing our clients with data driven applications utilizing maps for efficiency, data management, geographic specifications and more. We have taken it a step further by building custom web applications that work hand in hand with our maps to provide additional User Features and capabilities. Solutions also include Administrative management tools for data a reporting capabilities for our clients. These solutions have been builtRead More

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements

Things to Consider When Maneuvering Through New Requirements Establish the Objective/Goals (Current and Long Term) Know Who Your Stakeholders Are Know Who the Target Audience Is Define Your Scope & Requirements Research Any Current Workflows/Technologies Identify the New Features Identify Content/Data Resources Identify Any Other Data/Technology Sources That Contribute or Are Affected Define and Identify Network Support for Your Solution Define Security and Other Compliance and Requirements Identify the Functional Components – Create Workflows forRead More